Tuesday, October 16, 2007

...new start

ohh, my.. it`s been ages since I ve last posted on here. Well not really ages... but a while!!!
Been busy with work, studies and many other stuff... so was not bothered about much blogging, as I really thought nobody is reading them. During these few weeks I ve been asked not once about me not blogging, so I thought maybe I can try doing some. well, we`ll see...
I ve lately been focused on the stuff i love, and that`s mostly DESIGN and ART...do not see myself as possible writer or anything, so instead tried improving my skills in what i am gifted at. As you might see 2 other blogs I ve got are related to art:
1st one is called D-art... my personal works as a designer and 2nd one is for my photoshots.. that`s the second passion I have...taking shots... carrying my camera in my little girly purse every day.. and crazy enough to get on knees in order to get great macro shot...... insane, isn`t that??

Anyway, to be continued...
there are so many things going on in my life.. PLANS, AMBITIONS, FRIENDSHIPS... so I might update my non-personal DIARY on here once in a while.

LIFE IS ACE... must admit that :)


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