Tuesday, October 31, 2006

overcoming fears to gain a FRIEND....

It`s always been great challange for me to meet new people...I`m not too bad at communications...it`s just the fact, that new things scares me!

But being in these situations time after time, I`ve discovered that greater the fear to come up to the person...more I should do it!

Looking back...need to admit, that best friends I`ve got now...those are people to whome I was too scared [not willing] to come up to say HI...

first impression [skin colour, language, interests, IQ, past, beliefs etc.] might be wrong...so take a courage and gain new friendship!!!

It`s great to see people with various interests coming together and spending time, encouraging, serving each other..enjoying it...[who said there is no arguing?]...but however it`s so much worth it...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aahhhhh, Dace, i cant believe you put our picture for this! you make me sentimental....but aren't there lovely memories about that day? :))

berija kungs

Saturday, November 25, 2006  

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