Sunday, October 29, 2006

Discovering RIGA...

One of tasks done for school was to find samples of an art nouveau architecture. Doing that I`ve discovered few others things, which I haven`t noticed before!

ART NOUVEAU...has always been my favourite architecture style...contains great accuracy and sophistication.

So here are buildings, which grabbed my attention (not only art nouveau)...

I was shoked discovering, that there are so much more samples of this type of architecture (RigaTourism) in Riga`s old town, which ones I didn`t manage to find or identify as an art nouveau! ONE OF my favourite - on Teātra Street 9 (1903, architects Heinrich Scheel). This building is decorated with images of mythological gods - Athena and Hermes. The building is crowned by Atlas, holding on his shoulders a globe that is made of glass and zinc. The globe is lit up at night.


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